Know_Pain_Logo01What is Know Pain?

Know Pain offers a wide variety of tailored learning experiences including lectures, workshops and collaborative consultancy within your practice.  Our aim is to help you provide evidence-based, patient centred care for everyone, regardless of their clinical presentation.

As a clinician, Know Pain will provide you with an understanding of contemporary neuroscience related to pain. Further to this, it will show you how to explain complex neurobiology to your patients at a level that is meaningful to them through Socratic enquiry and metaphoric expressions.

We offer a variety of evidence-based learning experiences for both patients and a wide range of healthcare professionals around the globe. So whether you’re somebody who suffers with pain, or your job involves helping others to manage their pain better, we aim to guide you towards a brighter future.

Know Pain:
A Practical Guide for Persistent Pain Therapy

Tutor: Mike Stewart MCSP SRP PG Cert (Clin Ed).



Mike is a physiotherapist and visiting university lecturer with over fifteen years of experience managing complex, persistent pain conditions. His recently published work has received international praise from the leading names in neuroscience. In addition, he is a dedicated practice-based educator committed to providing evidence-based education to a wide variety of health professionals. Following his current MSc in Physiotherapy & Practice-based education at The University of Brighton, Mike is keen to further our understanding of pain through PhD level research.

When he’s not absorbed in his work, Mike’s curiosity takes him around the world. He is an avid traveller and has explored over 100 countries. So if you’re looking to further your understanding of pain or simply need some friendly travel advice, get in touch!

Course Description:

The challenge of successfully managing persistent pain can be one of the most daunting for both clinicians and sufferers. Patients are often frustrated after failed short-term interventions. It is often difficult to understand and explain high and prolonged levels of pain where a traditional tissue based cause is lacking. This course explores a cutting edge, patient centered approach using a variety of practical learning methods to help your patients understand their pain. It provides a range of practical applications and methods to take into your clinic and immediately apply with your patients.

A Practical Guide to Persistent Pain Therapy

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