Here is a list of upcoming Know Pain courses.

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October 2017

2/3/4 La Rochelle

6/7/8 Nantes

20/21/22 Vigo, Spain–educacion-en-neurociencia-terapeutica.html

November 2017

4th & 5th London

18th & 19th Curtin University, Perth, WA

25th & 26th Melbourne, Australia

December 2017

9th & 10th Hong Kong

January 2018

20th & 21st Walsall

February 2018

3/4 Ottawa

8/9 San Diego

24/25 Dartford

March 2018

2/3 Dubai

10/11 Halifax

30/31 Nijmegen, The Netherlands

April 2018

19/20 Ghent

Details to be announced

23/24 London

28/29 Mumbai, India

Details to be announced. Contact for more information. 

May 2018

25th Dublin

26/27th Dublin

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