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The Physio Matters Podcasts:
I was delighted to chat with Jack Chew on The Physio Matters Podcasts. Here are the links:

Physio Edge Podcasts:
It was great to talk to David Pope about neuroscience and practical pain education on the Physio Edge podcasts. Here are the links:

The Strength Physio Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of chatting about pain science with Chris Lendrum from The Strength Physio Podcast.

Pain Concern Podcasts:
—These are a series of fortnightly podcasts produced by Pain Concern to help patients understand all aspects of on-going pain management.
—Each podcast lasts for 30 minutes and cover a wide range of topics.
Free Pain Education CD:
A helpful, free audio file produced by Hampshire Community Healthcare’s pain team.
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A Practical Guide to Persistent Pain Therapy

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